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  • Power tools: hydraulic crimping pliers

    Power cable wire with hydraulic crimping, tightly conductive good, not easy to shed heat. The two-speed device will stamping the fast pound to the crimp, the crimp force rises, and then automatically switches to low speed in the process of completing the crimping process both time and effort.

  • Railway construction: hydraulic jack

    Widely used in power maintenance, bridge maintenance, heavy lifting, static pressure pile, foundation settlement, bridge and ship building, especially in highway and railway construction and mechanical adjustment, equipment demolition and so on

  • Furnishing pipe: hydraulic pressure pipe clamp

    Tools for aluminum-plastic pipe, brass, aluminum, stainless steel tube, etc. are not deformed, not fission. For bathroom, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, hydraulic areas. Also used for DINE1057 standard steel pipe.

  • Emergency rescue: hydraulic cable cut

    Cable cutter head made of high quality alloy steel, high strength, good shear performance. Easy to carry, is an emergency repair necessary tools.